taffeta in a sentence

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  1. The bride wore a white bra and a taffeta ballerina skirt.
  2. I longed to wrap pans in strips of chartreuse antique taffeta.
  3. He directed " The Taffetas " off-Broadway.
  4. The woven silk taffeta was made by Stephen Walters of Suffolk.
  5. Han Feng showed loose, languid, taffeta cheongsams over layered pants.
  6. It's difficult to find taffeta in a sentence.
  7. Taffeta is too stiff a word for what Kasten achieved.
  8. Heavy taffeta or satin slips create a smooth line under your clothes.
  9. Bouffant skirts of iridescent taffeta were paired with sleeveless sweaters.
  10. Dalal had his iridescent taffeta shirt hanging outside his trousers.
  11. The twisted pleats on her double-layered taffeta skirts looked lovely.
  12. Here were the satin and taffeta bustles beloved by Lacroix.
  13. He loves them strapless with full, short taffeta skirts.
  14. -- Turn-of-the-century Samantha in checked taffeta.
  15. Pictures of J . Edgar Hoover in pink taffeta?
  16. Even best my dad in a trap shoot while wearing taffeta and tulle.
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