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  1. Taffe, 20, currently plays forward for the University of Minnesota.
  2. In common with earlier poets, Ant骾n had a patron in Taffe.
  3. In the game, Taffe scored three goals and recorded two assists.
  4. Taffe and Pirri tied for the league high in assists at 53.
  5. Taffe currently plays forward for University of Minnesota men's hockey team.
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  7. Jeff Taffe and Shane Doan scored for Phoenix, winless in five games.
  8. Taffe was suspended for four games by the league.
  9. Taffe was familiarly assigned to the AHL, with affiliate the Houston Aeros.
  10. Jeff Taffe and Ben Lovejoy were selected as reserves for the PlanetUSA team.
  11. It was announced June 14 that Taffe re-signed with the Bears.
  12. Fredrik Sjostrom and Jeff Taffe scored for Phoenix.
  13. Taffe was also awarded a Stanley Cup Ring.
  14. Taffe was impressed with Carpenter, and recommended him to his superiors for promotion.
  15. Taffe showed the veteran Bedlington, Ch.
  16. Jan Hrdina, Jeff Taffe and Shane Doan ( shorthanded ) scored for the Coyotes.
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