taffarel in a sentence

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  1. Taffarel has been in goal for every minute of every game.
  2. As Taffarel realizes, since he plays in the Italian league.
  3. Brazil forward Bebeto exclaimed when Taffarel's name was mentioned.
  4. Taffarel was doing an interview at another corner of the stadium.
  5. Among the likely names are Taffarel, Ricardo Rocha and Branco.
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  7. Goalies : Taffarel ( Atletico Mineiro ) and Dida ( Cruzeiro)
  8. In goal, Claudio Taffarel also is playing his third Cup.
  9. He picked the lower left corner, and so did Taffarel.
  10. Experience counts, but Taffarel lives only for the next victory.
  11. Goalkeepers : Taffarel ( Galatasaray ) and Bosco ( Sport ).
  12. In goal, veteran Taffarel bowed out after three World Cups.
  13. Taffarel played 101 times with the " Sele玢o ".
  14. Taffarel should be ready, having made 82 international appearances.
  15. Taffarel plays professionally in Italy, and he and Pagliuca are friends.
  16. But his shot had no zip and Taffarel made a routine save.
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