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  1. Three dancers are tackily dressed in gigantic crab, shrimp and merman costumes.
  2. Would he dress tackily monochromatic like the star of " Who Wants to Be a Millionaire "?
  3. In a nutshell : Tackily diverting . " NCIS " ( CBS; 8 p . m . Tuesday)
  4. A bedroom is transformed from an empty shell, or worse, from a tackily furnished shell, into an inviting retreat.
  5. Basildon Man emerged in the 1980s as a comedic stereotype; a tackily dressed, loudmouthed suburbanite with working-class roots and a flashy car.
  6. It's difficult to find tackily in a sentence.
  7. The greedy merchants are to blame for all this crass irreverence, surely, and lordy, lordy, how tackily American is our audacious rush into the holidays.
  8. Initially, the movie appears to be another stereotypical X-ray of that Northeast specimen _ the big-haired, tackily dressed Joisey girl . ( Actors just can't resist tawking Joisey .)
  9. She lives in a tackily out-of-style bungalow with Coco ( Clinton Leupp ), a homely, lonely, doormat of a spinster who carries a torch for the handsome young doctor who performed her abortion years ago.
  10. Sure, some of us will like hearing all sorts of political types speak to halls filled with usually tackily outfitted delegates who often like to talk and visit with one another far more than they like to listen to those on the podium.
  11. The movie evidently is supposed to be a cautionary tale about why prostitution is bad for you ( who knew ? ), but it's so tackily produced and inanely written that it's hard to tell what this piece of sweeps exploitation is trying to say.
  12. The lather reaches a mountainous peak in the scene where Crawford's Minnie Mouse eyes brim with tears as she listens to a radio performance of Wagner's " Liebestod " ( tackily arranged for violin and orchestra ) alone in her lavish beach house, and drinks herself into a suicidal mood.
  13. It is fairly obvious the intent is to try to skew public / voter opinion . ( Dellums is a declared candidate in the Oakland mayoral race . ) Prominent among the offenders is User : Justforasecond, who repeatedly has reverted deletions or reasonable edits of some pretty tackily written and prominently formatted information about Dellums'family life.
  14. This " Pasadena, " though it seems to promise bloodshed aplenty in the future, is less scintillating than an expose of the ho-hum suburbs, less revealing than an investigative report on the wacky indulgences of the rich, and about as involving as a rerun of one of those tackily resplendent'80s prime-time soaps .---" PASADENA "-What : " Dallas"
  15. Nobody has to renounce anything or suffer more than temporarily in other words, grandeur is out . " In an article by " The Associated Press ", journalist Sara Rose wrote on " NewsOK . com " that fans of the series would love " engaging characters, great humor, a distracting obsession with beauty, focus on the minutiae of emotions "; however " casual readers may be disappointed with a lot of build-up and little action . " " The Independent " called the book, " shockingly, tackily, sick-makingly sexist " and said that " Bella Swan lives to serve men and suffer . " " Entertainment Weekly " graded " Breaking Dawn " with a D, criticizing the birth scene and Bella's " unwavering passion for Edward " and having no other goals . " The Washington Post " also responded with a negative review, making comments such as, " Meyer has put a stake through the heart of her own beloved creation, " and " " Breaking Dawn " has a childbirth sequence that may promote lifelong abstinence in sensitive types ."

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