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  1. We know the'70s was the tackiest decade of all.
  2. And these will be the biggest, tackiest and most audacious in history.
  3. Florida is one of the tackiest places in America,
  4. Let's start with a site that seeks the Tackiest Place in America.
  5. Who'll don the tackiest design?
  6. It's difficult to find tackiest in a sentence.
  7. Just outside the gates, Augusta is one of America's tackiest spots this week.
  8. His choice for tackiest tourist trap?
  9. The tackiest thing to do is to have a huge smorgasbord alongside three different kinds of pasta.
  10. In fact, Costello gets the award for the season's tackiest _ and loudest _ sitcom.
  11. Matthew McConaughey, who opted not to look his tackiest, said the faux pas concept is subjective.
  12. He also frequently adapts hit songs to praise him and his show using the tackiest of words and phrases.
  13. I told Payne that Centennial Park is just about the tackiest thing I have ever seen around the Olympic Games.
  14. Even the tackiest TV tabloid report is " entitled to all the safeguards with which the Supreme Court has surrounded liability for defamation.
  15. Spirlea came into the interview room last night and unleashed one of the tackiest, most vicious remarks ever heard in women's tennis.
  16. Later, visiting friends in upstate New York, we listened to our hosts discuss a local craft fare featuring the tackiest, absolutely tasteless items.
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