tacitus on christ in a sentence

  1. :A quick search turned up this article regarding Tacitus on Christ which may be of interest .  Preceding contribs ) 13 : 13, 5 June 2012 ( UTC)
  2. Other edits to Talk : Christ Myth Theory and Tacitus on Christ repeat longstanding themes of BruceGrubb's editing, for instance a reliance on the work of Richard Carrier.
  3. First three edits are all reverts to months-old versions by User : Lung salad or his previous sock : Tacitus on Christ, Annals ( Tacitus ) and Josephus on Jesus.
  4. Similar / identical edits on Josephus on Jesus, Tacitus on Christ ( plus similarity of username ) to known Lung salad socks User : No censorship and User : Reject censorship . 4l "'12 : 23, 4 May 2012 ( UTC)
  5. It's difficult to find tacitus on christ in a sentence.

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