taciturn in a sentence

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  1. Given the constraints of speaking in public, he was taciturn.
  2. "Unbelievable, " muttered one usually taciturn analyst.
  3. It has drawn taciturn men wearing trucker caps and cowboy boots.
  4. Osborne is a taciturn and modest man from the American heartland.
  5. Hillary was tall, spare, long-faced and taciturn.
  6. It's difficult to find taciturn in a sentence.
  7. ;Sabrina : A dark-skinned, taciturn female knight.
  8. Gwen is taciturn, generally snarky, and an only child.
  9. Taciturn David, married to Mary, sells real estate.
  10. Taciturn Tyson : Tyson still is not inclined to talk.
  11. The Whigs'fondness for taciturn generals had paid off in 1848.
  12. The normally taciturn sprinter was pleasant and seemed even vulnerable.
  13. The taciturn Dole chose a man known for inspirational rhetoric.
  14. Being taciturn hasn't hurt WD-40 yet.
  15. Coming from the taciturn Edwards, this is high praise.
  16. Their demeanor fit with their dress _ taciturn and laconic.
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