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  1. Pat Mills writes the story while pictures are drawn by Franck Tacito.
  2. More artists were recruited by Nickel such as Adrian Smith and Franck Tacito.
  3. Va tacito e nascosto, quand avido ?di preda, l astuto cacciator.
  4. "Va tacito e nascosto " is set as a strings and natural horn in F major.
  5. "Last year they displayed a block-long Valentine's Day cake on Corso Tacito,"
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  7. Another posthumous publication of Boccalini was his " Commentarii sopra Cornelio Tacito " ( Geneva, 1669 ).
  8. The head of the Workers Party in Rondonia, Tacito Pereira do Santos, said he believed local ranchers ordered the slaying.
  9. Politicamente, hay un acuerdo tacito de que el mundo tiene un rumbo y Chile tiene que seguir esa pauta o quedarse rezagado.
  10. Larry Tacito, a system-reliability engineer, said he stayed late for the " camaraderie, after busting hump for quite some time ."
  11. On his debut CD, a Handel disk for Virgin, Daniels sings Caesar's smoothly menacing duet with horn, " Va tacito, " and Sesto's " L'angue offeso, " heaving with shame and self-recrimination.
  12. Rapid-fire ornamentation like that required for " Sorge infausta " from " Orlando " or " Va tacito e nascosto " from " Giulio Cesare " hold no terrors for Terfel _ he tosses them off with ease and amazing breath control.
  13. Earlier versions of the thematic material of the aria can be traced in Handel's " Acis and Galatea " ( 1718 ) and in an early trio sonata . and in particular the aria " Die ihr aus dunkeln Gr黤ten " ( HWV 208 ) has a ritornello and pace very close to " Va tacito ".
  14. With respect to the " circumductio ", portions have been discovered along the north east side under the modern Tacito Street; along the southwest side near the aforementioned rectangular guard tower on Castro Partico Street, 1.5 metres below ground level at a spot 18 metres from the " porta principalis sinistra ", and a little further along in the public carpark; along the southeast side 0.5 metres below San Pancrazio Street; and along the northwest side in the piazza della Rotonda, on San Gaspare del Bufalo Street and in the piazza San Paolo.

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