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  1. Other branches sometimes tacitly approve of the punishment after the fact.
  2. Most whites collude tacitly in an agreement not to question it.
  3. Both assisted suicide and euthanasia have been tacitly accepted there since 1981.
  4. In granting Bourequat asylum, Washington tacitly accepted these charges as credible.
  5. But he is canny enough to make his statements tacitly.
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  7. And the show tacitly acknowledged being part of a larger showbiz world.
  8. The comment seemed to tacitly acknowledge the daunting tasks that lie ahead.
  9. The French public has tacitly supported the government's nuclear policies.
  10. Saudi Arabia has tacitly acknowledged the problem may be homegrown.
  11. Rumsfeld disputed news reports the administration would tacitly accept such a buildup.
  12. The BJP was accused of tacitly approving the Gujarat violence against Muslims.
  13. Moscow tacitly accepted the action and made no attempts to stop it.
  14. Some accuse Savarkar of tacitly supporting Gandhi's assassination.
  15. This law is tacitly assumed in every measurement of temperature.
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