tacitly approve in a sentence

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  1. Other branches sometimes tacitly approve of the punishment after the fact.
  2. The BJP was accused of tacitly approving the Gujarat violence against Muslims.
  3. The Doctor tacitly approves of Clara's relationship.
  4. The aide said the United Nations and the OAS were tacitly approving the military government.
  5. But they say Clinton deceived them by not telling them that he tacitly approved the shipments.
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  7. Bruce used Livingstone and other European employees to enforce his policies, and tacitly approved of their methods.
  8. But it is not just the poor and supporters of paramilitary groups who tacitly approve of curbside justice and summary executions.
  9. Without tacitly approving of prostitution, the government is requiring all prostitutes to get health checks and to and AIDS tests.
  10. The Fellowship tacitly approved Straucher's goal of a separate Jewish communal representation, and poured it into legislation proposals.
  11. Honors disputes this, claiming that his superiors actively or tacitly approved of the videos and never instructed him to stop.
  12. They lambasted his decision not to tell Congress that the White House had tacitly approved Iran's arming of Bosnian Muslims.
  13. A dance takes place that is at once socially forbidden and tacitly approved, at once violating manners and paying them homage.
  14. In the past, the government tacitly approved of the discriminatory tactics saying that it understood local residents'fear of Aum.
  15. That tacitly approved the new U . S . diplomacy and also extended the sanctions on the Bosnian Serbs for their recalcitrance.
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