t there in a sentence

"t there" in Chinese  
  1. And isn't there some other way of finding out?
  2. That Shaq wasn't there for much of last season.
  3. Greg Maddux wasn't there for winning his 25th game.
  4. We have established a process that wasn't there before.
  5. How would they play if Michael Jordan wasn't there?
  6. It's difficult to find t there in a sentence.
  7. It implies something about the role that wasn't there.
  8. Wouldn't there be the temptation to phone it in?
  9. Aren't there at least 100 million Muslims in India?
  10. Q . Isn't there a vaccine to prevent it?
  11. Why can't there be a reunion of the Stones?
  12. Isn't there anyone he would call a third time?
  13. That spirit we used to have isn't there anymore.
  14. David more or less knows Gillian really isn't there.
  15. So why can't there be a solution to this?
  16. But isn't there a trend now toward service gifts?
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