t tests in a sentence

"t tests" in Chinese  
  1. It still doesn't test the safety of its products.
  2. Sales floundered because the public couldn't test the vehicles.
  3. "We can't test every possible terrorist bomb.
  4. Many ask why the Celtics didn't test Bias for drugs.
  5. In campaigns, you can't test the endings.
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  7. "Some kids just don't test well ."
  8. You can't test it much more than that ."
  9. Don't test the temperature of hot oil with your finger.
  10. "We don't test for asbestos in car brakes.
  11. Otherwise it wouldn't test grade-level skills.
  12. "An auditor doesn't test every transaction ."
  13. These swimmers under the conditions then prevailing didn't test positive.
  14. Smaller pieces like watercolors won't test your credit card limit.
  15. The NBA and NHL also don't test for the supplement.
  16. Don't test with jumper cables, they're unreliable.
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