t tennis in a sentence

  1. And that wasn't tennis out there ."
  2. "This isn't tennis, you know,"
  3. This ain't tennis we're playing.
  4. "Their whole world isn't tennis.
  5. "That wasn't tennis out there.
  6. It's difficult to find t tennis in a sentence.
  7. "This isn't tennis or track or any other individual sport.
  8. There weren't tennis shoes, running shoes, different shoes for different events.
  9. Won't tennis people hire him to clone another Pete Sampras or Steffi Graf?
  10. Football is a game played by many players, it isn't Tennis or Squash ."
  11. "This isn't tennis, where if a sixth seed gets beaten by the 60th seed, it's a big shock ."
  12. It really wasn't tennis at all that saved Dad's life, although tennis is a pretty good way to enhance one's health.
  13. Defending champion Nicolas Massu of Chile was ousted by Argentina's Agustin Calleri in first-round play Tuesday at the Copa AT & T tennis tournament.
  14. Phantom said, " and they say, ` This is what tennis needs to be .'What's popular right now is extreme sports and everything like that _ why can't tennis be like that?
  15. And if nothing else, first-round results in the $ 5 million match-play event proved that this really isn't tennis and that the gap between Nos . 1 and 64 is perhaps even narrower than the players thought.
  16. Unseeded Agustin Calleri of Argentina beat top-seeded and defending champion Gustavo Kuerten 6-3, 6-7 ( 5 ), 7-6 ( 3 ) Tuesday in the opening round of the Copa AT & T tennis tournament.
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