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  1. Classical T Tauri stars evolve into weakly lined T Tauri stars.
  2. Classical T Tauri stars evolve into weakly lined T Tauri stars.
  3. The small circles represent observational data of T Tauri stars.
  4. T Tauri stars are usually found in less dense environments.
  5. They are divided into two classes : weakly lined and classical T Tauri stars.
  6. It's difficult to find t tauri stars in a sentence.
  7. After more contraction, a T Tauri star ignited and evolved into the Sun.
  8. Both stars are T Tauri stars and both show evidence of having circumstellar disks.
  9. The disc gradually cools in what is known as the T Tauri star stage.
  10. It is now a T Tauri star.
  11. LkCa 15 is surrounded by a protoplanetary disk, typical of many T Tauri stars.
  12. The system consists of four T Tauri stars that are located within the TW Hydrae association.
  13. There is an associated variable x-ray source that is assumed to be a T Tauri star.
  14. T Tauri stars like the young Sun have far stronger stellar winds than more stable, older stars.
  15. Should a blue dwarf ( T tauri star ) come after the protostar formation ? which is real?
  16. Another source of brightness variability are clumps ( protoplanets and planetesimals ) in the disk surrounding T Tauri stars.
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