t talk in a sentence

"t talk" in Chinese  
  1. But he doesn't talk much about either topic anymore.
  2. Fidelity wouldn't talk to us about its tobacco holdings.
  3. Paul didn't talk much about religion or an afterlife.
  4. He certainly doesn't talk like your average soccer coach.
  5. She doesn't talk to her neighbors at the table.
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  7. And you can't talk to most of these guys.
  8. But the two sides can't talk money until Friday.
  9. So don't talk about my next book right now.
  10. He had a lawyer and wouldn't talk with Connell.
  11. My grandparents don't talk about the old days much.
  12. Players don't talk about Stewart with that in mind.
  13. I can't talk about it without feeling so emotional.
  14. Don't talk about how bad it is out there.
  15. We won't talk about it again for a while.
  16. Evans replied that he couldn't talk about Lewis specifically.
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