t takes in a sentence

  1. But he doesn't take it much further ."
  2. Where I come from, you don't take junk.
  3. But you can't take it with you, folks.
  4. A change that profound won't take place right away.
  5. "Toons don't take a year to download.
  6. It's difficult to find t takes in a sentence.
  7. "You can't take them off the board.
  8. The people asking those questions shouldn't take it personally.
  9. My knees just can't take it anymore ."
  10. "I don't take it seriously ."
  11. "But we can't take things for granted.
  12. We can't take the chance of waiting ."
  13. It doesn't take a vampire to smell the obvious.
  14. You can't take anything away from that ."
  15. After kindergarten, the public schools wouldn't take him.
  16. Don't take sides .'I tried not to.
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