t tailed in a sentence

"t tailed" in Chinese  
  1. He hasn't tailed off, and that's important going into this race ."
  2. It's the experience of a lifetime and I'm so glad were weren't tailed off ."
  3. Those expectations could be reinforced today if the 1 : 30 p . m . JST release of April industrial production figures shows manufacturing hasn't tailed off markedly after the April 1 tax increase.
  4. A T tailed airplane is easier to recover from spin than planes with other types of empennage, as the elevator is located above the rudder, thus creating no " dead air zone " above the elevator where the rudder might be ineffective
  5. The Bank of Japan could raise lending rates as early as this July if it judges that the economy hasn't tailed off markedly after an April 1 increase in the national consumption tax, said Yoshihiro Kim, an analyst at Yamaichi Securities Co.
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