t state in a sentence

"t state" in Chinese  
  1. The paper didn't state Kodak's market share.
  2. He didn't state a specific amount, she said.
  3. The report didn't state the cause of his death.
  4. And don't state labor laws apply to government workers?
  5. But the law itself apparently doesn't state those categories.
  6. It's difficult to find t state in a sentence.
  7. I suppose I didn't state the problem clearly enough.
  8. It doesn't state that this is a mainstream position.
  9. Didn't State give the CIA a copy _ a peek?
  10. You don't state it right out ."
  11. But they don't state anything beyond that ."
  12. The company doesn't state earnings separately from DaimlerChrysler's.
  13. Bashkirova didn't state the poll's margin of error.
  14. He played college football at North Carolina A & T State University.
  15. THe current wording doesn't state anything about vandalism and huggle.
  16. Article doesn't state he played in NFL europe.
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