t square in a sentence

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  1. His recollection of the events of that night don't square with reality.
  2. But as Stewart undoubtedly knows, his explanation doesn't square with the data.
  3. His attacks lack credibility and they don't square with the real record ."
  4. But when batter Bobby Smith didn't square to bunt, Gil stopped.
  5. "No, I don't square-dance or listen to country and western ."
  6. It's difficult to find t square in a sentence.
  7. The poor performance doesn't square with the state's image of itself.
  8. But it doesn't square with what Congress seemed to be talking about ."
  9. "He got out there pretty quick, and I didn't square up to him,"
  10. Daniel Mitchell, a Heritage Foundation economist, says experience doesn't square with industry claims.
  11. They haven't squared off in a " Game of the Century " since 1983.
  12. Kepler couldn't explain why orbits aren't square, but Newton could.
  13. Real life experience, however, doesn't square with the president's conclusion.
  14. This claim, however, doesn't square with income tax collection data.
  15. They can't square that with the Olympic Games'supposed foundation of sportsmanship and good will.
  16. Banking groups said the NCUA interpretation doesn't square with the language of the statute.
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