t spread in a sentence

"t spread" in Chinese  
  1. The water can t spread through the surface, thus yielding hydrophobic properties.
  2. Though infected people can't spread it, it is fatal unless treated immediately.
  3. How do you make sure more rot doesn't spread throughout the bushel?
  4. To the high of getting the news that it probably hasn't spread.
  5. This one doesn't spread, so needs to go back into the soil.
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  7. Pour it as thinly as possible, but don't spread the hot candy.
  8. Or is the question really don't spread open source secrets around?
  9. As long as the crusade doesn't spread to this side of the pond.
  10. I hope this doesn't spread " to other houses of correction.
  11. Louganis gambled and won that he wouldn't spread the fatal virus.
  12. It turned out that the cancer hadn't spread beyond the tumor.
  13. They are monitoring the virus but it hasn't spread, Curlett said.
  14. I hope their fears don't spread to us, " she said.
  15. You can't spread a virus or worm with a dead machine.
  16. Surgery is the best treatment if the cancer hasn't spread far.
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