t space in a sentence

"t space" in Chinese  
  1. There isn't space for all his misdeeds and mishaps.
  2. There isn't space to list every possible techno-con.
  3. But this ain't Space Mountain or Busch Gardens'Kumba.
  4. There wasn't space for many to get in.
  5. "Why can't space exploration be equally fascinating ?"
  6. It's difficult to find t space in a sentence.
  7. If there aren't space creatures invading America, how do you explain Ross Perot?
  8. Most firearm purchases take place on a Saturday and aren't spaced evenly through the week.
  9. Q : Can't space-age technology solve this problem as it does all others?
  10. There isn't space to include the phone number for each Senior Net center in the area.
  11. There isn't space to go into the details of reformatting or the job of replacing the hard disk.
  12. Troy won plenty of Super Bowls, he just didn't space them out enough to suit local tastes.
  13. For the box under Taxobox _ section _ subdivision; usually denoting species the box isn't space well.
  14. However random you make the posts, don't space them more than 10 feet apart; eight is better.
  15. We can't space them out more, because we have to start shopping for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.
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