t sign in a sentence

"t sign" in Chinese  
  1. Clinton said if they do it he won't sign it.
  2. But I didn't sign on to be a starving artist.
  3. Don't sign blank pages or forms without numbers filled in.
  4. Smith said he didn't sign up for a rebuilding process.
  5. Those who don't sign do not get the exact address.
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  7. Goss said funeral directors wouldn't sign the papers unless hired.
  8. Those who don't sign releases have their faces digitally erased.
  9. Major League teams can't sign players until they are 16.
  10. The Panthers also couldn't sign the Czech Elite League star.
  11. The officer arrested her when she wouldn't sign it.
  12. He couldn't sign an autograph if he wanted to.
  13. Don't sign blank documents or documents with blank spaces.
  14. Coach Dave Wannstedt didn't sign Griese to replace Fiedler.
  15. Navajos who don't sign will be subject to eviction.
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