t shaped in a sentence

"t shaped" in Chinese  
  1. And on paper, this didn't shape up as much of a match.
  2. If this fellow won't shape up, you may have to fire him.
  3. But it wasn't shaping up to be the commercial juggernaut many expected.
  4. If they don't shape up, Moehlman said, students can even be expelled.
  5. You can't shape it too much on one side or the other.
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  7. Except your team isn't shaping up quite the way you had planned.
  8. Otherwise, these next two rounds aren't shaping up as classic NBA playoffs.
  9. For ease, shape logs right on lined cookie pans-- don't shape and transfer.
  10. The house has a T shape, with projecting rectangular sections on each side.
  11. The Belmont, however, doesn't shape up as just a two-horse race.
  12. The truth may be that the film just wasn't shaping up.
  13. Your tires will be next if you don't shape up ."
  14. The 1938 one story brick building has a T shape footprint.
  15. And if students don't shape up, they could be assigned a probation officer.
  16. NBC actually gets irritated if it can't shape prime-time reality.
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