t score in a sentence

"t score" in Chinese  
  1. Boston hasn't scored on its last 31 power plays.
  2. He doesn't score as many of those any more.
  3. He wasn't scored on in his other 15 games.
  4. I couldn't score unless I could make some openings.
  5. The Rockets couldn't score on their last three possessions.
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  7. Broten didn't score a goal or add an assist.
  8. He played only 3 : 39 and didn't score.
  9. That little exercise didn't score any points with me.
  10. The Mets didn't score until after Clemens was excused.
  11. USC didn't score in the first 3 { minutes.
  12. I wish they hadn't scored on me at all.
  13. The Cowboys didn't score again until their final possession.
  14. Some Trojans wondered why they didn't score more points.
  15. Pat Verbeek hasn't scored a goal in five games.
  16. Arizona hasn't scored a run in 19 straight innings.
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