t say in a sentence

"t say" in Chinese  
  1. Japanese officials wouldn't say where they received the report.
  2. It doesn't say how long a long time is.
  3. Los Angeles County health officials can't say for sure.
  4. I can't say enough good things about their fans.
  5. The company didn't say what compensation Petersson would receive.
  6. It's difficult to find t say in a sentence.
  7. It wouldn't say how much it plans to spend.
  8. Berry wouldn't say what route changes are in store.
  9. The station didn't say how it obtained the tape.
  10. He didn't say when he would make the appointments.
  11. But Boehner won't say what the office upgrade means.
  12. Collins wouldn't say to which pitcher he was referring.
  13. He wouldn't say what action the company might take.
  14. But I can't say I like my choices now.
  15. Lincare didn't say what type of information it requested.
  16. Ivanov didn't say what new initiatives Russia might offer.
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