t s in a sentence

"t s" in Chinese  
  1. Between and above T S, a second flow regime may be observed.
  2. Mridangam Vidwan Shri T S Nandakumar is also an expert in konnakkol.
  3. "Maybe monks are like God, they don't eat and they don't s-- t.
  4. Currently he working with T S Lakshmi Venkataraman Auditor office Salem.
  5. There's a song about filling up your pants so the authorities can't s---you.
  6. It's difficult to find t s in a sentence.
  7. This reporter comes in and says I ain't s _ ."
  8. S P O R T S ( moving in " s " sports category)
  9. "I't s a semi-insult, to my way of thinking, to call him an athlete ."
  10. Ogunode's father, T S B Ogunode, was a football.
  11. T S Gill, the Deputy Commissioner of the Mizo district, took shelter in the AR headquarters.
  12. "These men weren't SS fascists, " she said.
  13. T S Sankaran is one of the foremost disciples of the legendary'Flute Mali'- T R Mahalingam.
  14. :Are you sure it wasn't S 5?
  15. "They don't s # y so splendil Wkrds, " he said with a light in his eyes.
  16. Alliant Techsystems Chief Executive Officer Richard Schwartz said the contract isn't s crucial to the company's earnings.
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