t rule in a sentence

"t rule" in Chinese  
  1. "We haven't ruled out the death penalty.
  2. We haven't ruled out any penalty choice,"
  3. "I wouldn't rule out anything ."
  4. "I haven't ruled that out,"
  5. "I wouldn't rule him out,"
  6. It's difficult to find t rule in a sentence.
  7. Investors haven't ruled out another interest rate cut altogether.
  8. "We haven't ruled anything out,"
  9. I haven't ruled it in or out ."
  10. "I wouldn't rule it out,"
  11. However, he didn't rule out such a linkup.
  12. Bundesbank President Hans Tietmeyer wouldn't rule out another cut.
  13. Catlow didn't rule out bringing Disney into the fold.
  14. It doesn't rule out the possibility of other acquisitions.
  15. He won't rule out a return to local news.
  16. "You can't rule anything out,"
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