t ring in a sentence

  1. Truman's serenity doesn't ring true to some.
  2. You can't ring tower bells by yourself ."
  3. But the name Mark Bates didn't ring a bell.
  4. "Publicly, it doesn't ring true anymore.
  5. "It didn't ring any bells ."
  6. It's difficult to find t ring in a sentence.
  7. Veda's parting words couldn't ring more true.
  8. But even that doesn't ring true for many twentysomethings.
  9. "It doesn't ring any bells,"
  10. The name Randy Duncan won't ring bells among Kansas voters.
  11. Those last three films don't ring a bell?
  12. "Some of it didn't ring true ."
  13. Deaths close to Chandlis just don't ring true.
  14. The names of these money managers don't ring a bell?
  15. "The phone didn't ring ."
  16. No, it doesn't ring true to me, either.
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