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  1. Broken and subsequently worn teeth are known from " T rex ".
  2. "T Rex, " the CNN anchors call him behind his back.
  3. T Rex : http : / / www . t-rex . co . uk
  4. It belonged to a theropod _ a carnivorous, large-headed creature resembling a smaller T rex.
  5. As you may have noticed, I have removed a large amount of pictures from the T rex article.
  6. It's difficult to find t rex in a sentence.
  7. From Yes to Genesis, from T Rex to Mott the Hoople, from Deep Purple to Led Zeppelin.
  8. Anchors called the 6-foot-7-inch Kaplan " T Rex " behind his back.
  9. Mickey Finn, 56, a bongo player with the 1970s glam rock band T Rex, dies in London.
  10. Although " T Rex devotees ", in the words of Starr biographer Alan Clayson, claimed that Bolan had Photograph ".
  11. Started by User : Scorpion0422, the aim of this drive is to make NHL awards a T Rex / Dinosaur puppy.
  12. The winner is " Doesn't Rex Chapman play that photographer in the sitcom ` Just Shoot Me'?"
  13. She also credits Brian Eno, T Rex, Patti Smith, The Kink Kronikles, and The Troggs Tapes as significant influences.
  14. -Como se siente sabiendo que tanto el T Rex y los velocirraptores tienen su propio merchandising y el Dr . Malcolm, no?
  15. Rip and Darlene fly back to the portal, on the way crossing paths with the T Rex they'd tried to kill earlier.
  16. Opening June 22 is the " T Rex Sue Exhibition " featuring a cast of the largest and most complete T Rex specimens ever found.
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