t rest in a sentence

"t rest" in Chinese  
  1. Still, federal regulatory policy can't rest entirely on individual testimonials.
  2. But we also know we can't rest on our laurels.
  3. Still, Goh said the country shouldn't rest on its laurels.
  4. Cavalli says he won't rest until the answer is no.
  5. But the Bay Area can't rest on its biomedical laurels.
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  7. He was admittedly sore on Sunday, but Wallace didn't rest.
  8. It won't rest until Bridget finds herself the right guy.
  9. You can't rest on the fact you won last night.
  10. I won't rest until this matter is behind us ."
  11. And Harris doesn't rest once the restoration work is completed.
  12. But he knows the team can't rest on its success.
  13. Centennial Park's faith doesn't rest solely on the Japanese.
  14. Bond traders won't rest content with such simple arbitrage.
  15. "You can't rest on your laurels for a minute.
  16. You can't rest your brain any more than that.
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