t really love in a sentence

"t really love" in Chinese  
  1. Hooper leaves him after she finds out Mark doesn't really love her.
  2. _Your children don't really love you, and your wife thinks you're ugly.
  3. Well, good enough, but what if you don't really love Broadway musicals?
  4. "But he doesn't really love politics, " he said of Mondello.
  5. I don't really love vegetables and fruits, stuff like that, " she said.
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  7. We don't put out any music that we don't really love.
  8. They were ridiculed as outsiders who didn't really love the sport.
  9. With parents like hers, " they don't really love you, they exploit you ."
  10. She also tells him that Susan doesn't really love him.
  11. "When sex happens to these people, it isn't really love.
  12. They don't really love the game, but they keep on doing it for the money.
  13. He added : " I want to get out of things I don't really love.
  14. "I didn't want anyone on the album who didn't really love Keith, " she said.
  15. Ricky told Cassie he didn't really love her, he was still in love with Bianca.
  16. But then, Ela admits he doesn't really love cider.
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