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  1. Syndromal craniosynostosis presents with a skull deformity as well as deformities affecting other parts of the body.
  2. To maintain their state of balance, therapy is often continued indefinitely, as around 50 % of the patients who discontinue it relapse quickly and experience either full-blown episodes or sub-syndromal symptoms that bring significant functional impairments.
  3. Around half of people initially diagnosed with bipolar disorder achieve syndromal recovery ( no longer meeting criteria for the diagnosis ) within six weeks, and nearly all achieve it within two years, with nearly half regaining their prior occupational and residential status in that period.
  4. After standardized criteria were developed to distinguish it from mood disorders and other Axis I disorders, BPD became a personality disorder diagnosis in 1980 with the publication of the DSM-III . The diagnosis was distinguished from sub-syndromal schizophrenia, which was termed " Schizotypal personality disorder ".
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