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  1. When these associations are stacks of alternating ( " R " ) and ( " S " ) molecules ( as in syndiotactic polymers ) this can be accomplished very efficiently.
  2. Isotactic and syndiotactic polymers are instances of the more general class of eutactic polymers, which also includes heterogeneous macromolecules in which the sequence consists of substituents of different kinds ( for example, the side-chains in proteins and the bases in nucleic acids ).
  3. If free rotation does not occur before the next monomer adds, the mirror approach will always lead to an isotactic polymer and the non-mirror approach will always lead to a syndiotactic polymer ( Figure 25 ) . " Figure 26 " : Penultimate unit interactions cause monomer to add in a way that minimizes steric hindrance between substituent groups . ( P represents polymer chain .)
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