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  1. Second on the list is swine feed at 42 million tons.
  2. Swine gestation is so precise that veterinarians can virtually promise deliveries.
  3. Wine and swine, in other words, do not mix.
  4. They theorize that using the miniature swine would minimize the risk.
  5. And we've lived like swine for decades,"
  6. It's difficult to find swine in a sentence.
  7. We expect to have the swine fever under control very soon,
  8. Wayne County ranks 7th in the nation for production of swine.
  9. The 2009 pandemic was a compilation of previous swine flu viruses.
  10. Swine merchant . . . your time is near at hand.
  11. These strains of swine flu rarely pass from human to human.
  12. Swine, poultry, egg, and milk production were modest.
  13. In larger amounts it is thought to be teratogenic in swine.
  14. Swine, too, enjoyed cockchafers, according to the leaflet.
  15. Fenian Swine's is a good example of the troubles.
  16. This product is commonly fed to swine, broilers and layers.
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