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  1. The three observers are the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Suriname.
  2. Suriname President Roland Venetiaan has yet to react to the tribes.
  3. USIS sections in Belize and Suriname are also to be closed.
  4. A draw or victory Thursday would put Suriname in the semis.
  5. A Suriname Airways airplane flew the passengers to Suriname on Wednesday.
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  7. A Suriname Airways airplane flew the passengers to Suriname on Wednesday.
  8. In return, Suriname has promised to buy oil from Venezuela.
  9. Bouterse ruled Suriname as a military dictator from 1980-1991.
  10. The former bodyguard to dictator Desi Bouterse remains free in Suriname.
  11. Dennis Hays, a former ambassador to Suriname, said Friday.
  12. He left Suriname on Tuesday after a two-day visit.
  13. The find is the largest drug seizure this year in Suriname.
  14. Suriname was the only country that did not win any medals.
  15. He had been Suriname's trade minister since August 2000.
  16. Suriname is a former Dutch colony of 435, 000 residents.
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