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  1. Guyana, Surinam, St . Vincent, Trinidad / Tobago.
  2. All schools and the national Surinam Airlines also are not operating.
  3. He appeared for Surinam national football team from 1976-1978.
  4. In 1825 he travelled on a frigate to Surinam and Cura鏰o.
  5. He grew up living between Surinam, Guyana, and Belgium.
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  7. Es un tema muy candente, que incluye a Guyana y Surinam.
  8. Guatemala at Aruba-Surinam winner June 19-20=
  9. While Stedman regains his health, conditions in Surinam decline.
  10. On balance, it appears that Behn truly did travel to Surinam.
  11. Politically, the murders continue to exert an influence on Surinam politics.
  12. It is found in Brazil, Colombia, French Guyana, Surinam.
  13. When I came here, I only knew about five veterinarians in Surinam.
  14. 1 cup pitted, chopped Surinam cherries ( see note ) or dried cranberries
  15. Ruth Filtre, 30, was born in Belgium to immigrants from Surinam.
  16. However, new insurrections erupt and Stedman is ordered to remain in Surinam.
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