surgery in a sentence

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  1. The woman had undergone hip reconstruction surgery shortly before the incident,
  2. Shad died after heart surgery, said his daughter, Leslie.
  3. Recently, my 80-year-old mother needed surgery.
  4. The Giants seemed optimistic about Tuesday's surgery, however.
  5. His right femur was broken and he underwent bone replacement surgery.
  6. It's difficult to find surgery in a sentence.
  7. The Oklahoma-Football-As-Brain-Surgery Theory.
  8. There are no more treatments, no chemotherapy, no surgery.
  9. Gruber explained, " but then he had knee surgery.
  10. Stern-minded Hector Elizondo plays the inflexible chief of surgery.
  11. McSorley is healthy now, having undergone surgery five months ago.
  12. The hormones can be impossible to reverse and surgery is final.
  13. She had double cataract surgery and dealt with a heart problem.
  14. Cremins delayed the surgery until he could complete some recruiting commitments.
  15. Seven of the eight infected patients had open-heart surgery.
  16. Kirk Dressendorfer is fighting his way back from rotator cuff surgery.
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