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  1. _Dr . Ronald Ferguson, chairman, surgery department, Ohio State University Medical Center.
  2. Blauth, the head of the surgery department at the Innsbruck hospital, said.
  3. But none was more significant than an unprecedented investment in the surgery department.
  4. He worked as head of the Plastic Surgery department at Al-Razi Hospital, Aleppo.
  5. The North Wing also included a Medical Library, Chapel, Maternity Department and Surgery Department.
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  7. She is the head of the 3rd Surgery Department, which specializes in heart diseases.
  8. The original building is still standing and is occupied by the hospital's surgery department.
  9. 1952-1973 Head of the surgery department, Kyrgyz Republic Medical Institute, now Kyrgyz State Medical Academy.
  10. The orthopedic surgery department focused on patients'satisfaction for those who received knee and hip replacements.
  11. Ask for the orthopedic surgery department, and see a physician with expertise in this area.
  12. Since then he has worked in the general surgery department at the Khmer-Soviet Friendship Hospital.
  13. Pereverdev was being treated at the hospital's brain-surgery department.
  14. The department is evolving into an entirely independent Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Department in near future.
  15. He graduated from Keio University School of Medicine in 1952 and joined the Thoracic Surgery department.
  16. The Lincoln Hospital surgery department provided comprehensive surgical services to African Americans unavailable at nearby hospitals.
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