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  1. We meet his widowed, photophobic mother Caroline ( Ariane Ascaride ) and his paternal grandmother ( Helene Surgere ).
  2. WITH : Sandrine Bonnaire ( Anna ), Fabrice Luchini ( William ), Michel Duchaussoy ( Dr . Monnier ), Anne Brochet ( Jeanne ), Laurent Gamelon ( Luc ), Helene Surgere ( Mrs . Mulon ), Gilbert Melki ( Marc ) and Urbain Cancelier ( Chatel ).
  3. Now, even though he collects old toys, lives in and works out of the same office / apartment his parents shared, and is even looked after by his father's disapproving secretary ( the wonderfully droll Helene Surgere ), middle-age William is no naive man-child.
  4. The verb is rooted in the Latin surgere, " to rise "; its primary sense is " to billow suddenly and with great force, as in a great wave . " In political lingo, this fast swelling of support fits in nicely with other metaphors of natural disaster, like avalanche, tidal wave and landslide.
  5. Other characters who dart in and out of the movie include Williams'nosy, disapproving secretary, Mrs . Mulon ( Helene Surgere ); Anna's wildly jealous husband, Marc ( Gilbert Melki ), who is aroused by the fantasy of his wife sleeping with William; and Chatel ( Urbain Cancelier ), a client of Monnier's whose elevator phobia Anna endeavors to cure after encountering him on the way to a session.
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