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  1. Who has, except for an occasional back and elbow surgeon?
  2. But Bentivegna is a suburban eye surgeon, not a revolutionary.
  3. Finally, it was so painful I went to a surgeon.
  4. One researcher compared the procedure to a bypass without the surgeon.
  5. The surgeon put the leg back together with two titanium screws.
  6. It's difficult to find surgeon in a sentence.
  7. About 10 p . m ., the surgeon comes out.
  8. But even heart surgeons are feeling growing pressure to contain costs.
  9. Officials there declined to say Wednesday whether the surgeons were successful.
  10. He became surgeon in chief in 1963 and retired in 1972.
  11. Controversial to the End, Surgeon General Is Undone By Her Outspokenness
  12. He backed away from outspoken Surgeon General Dr . Joycelyn Elders.
  13. You're not qualified to be surgeon general !"
  14. Foster ought to be a conservative's dream surgeon general.
  15. Pallin offered to donate his patent to the cataract surgeons group.
  16. I feel like a surgeon obliged to operate in the dark,
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