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  1. Brightly colored reef fish, like angel, goat, butterfly, or surgeon fish, turn their colors down when they rest.
  2. The marine life found here consists of anemones, blue chromis, brown chromis, surgeon fish; blue tangs and trumpet fish.
  3. These animals include the fire fish, the clown fish, the black widow tetra, the surgeon fish, the blacktip reef shark, and bright colourful coral.
  4. There is also no evidence to suggest that tangs and other surgeon fishes in general are any more susceptible to marine ich than any other smooth-skinned, scaleless marine fishes.
  5. Other species present in the strait include barracuda, cavalla, clams, cockles, crevalle, dolphin, flounders, flying fish, fusilies, glassfish, goatfish, goby, grouper, jacks, jelly fish, lizard fish, marine turtle, milkffish, mojarra, moonfish, moray, mullets, mussels, scallops, oysters, perchlet, scads, sea bass, sea catfish, sea cucumber, sea perches, sea urchins, seaweeds, shads, sickle fish, siganids, sillago, slipmouth, snappers, spade fish, sponges, surgeon fish, threadfin, and wrasses.
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