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  1. He was surgeon dentist to the Royal Public Dispensary.
  2. James Balden Ruspini who was soon followed by George Bartholomew Ruspini who both went on to become surgeon dentists.
  3. His contributions to the world of dental science consist primarily of his 1728 publication Le chirurgien dentiste or The Surgeon Dentist.
  4. In 1871 Smith was appointed Surgeon Dentist to Queen Victoria, and elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, upon the nomination of John Hutton Balfour.
  5. There are currently two Physicians to the Queen, a Serjeant Surgeon, a Surgeon to the Queen, Surgeon Oculist to the Queen, Surgeon Gynaecologist to the Queen, Surgeon Dentist to the Queen, Orthopaedic Surgeon to the Queen, Physician to the Household, Surgeon to the Household, Surgeon Oculist to the Household, Apothecary to the Queen, Apothecary to the Household at Windsor, Apothecary to the Household, Apothecary to the Household at Sandringham, Coroner of the Queen's Household.
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