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  1. You can feel the dogs of a re-surgent American Puritanism snapping at their heels.
  2. Pettracini was born in a merchant family in Tuscany, and moved to Emilia Romagna with her spouse, Francesco Ferretti who was a surgent at the hospital of Bagnacavallo.
  3. The lead singer of the school band, he performed the hits of the Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival and other western rock bands, bending to the wave of rock n roll music, then surgent amid the Soviet youth.
  4. She painted in oil and made drawings but was foremost a miniaturist before she married the city surgent Hilfeling in 1739; among her clients were the king and the queen, king Frederick I of Sweden and queen Ulrika Eleonora of Sweden.
  5. Upon a wreath of the colors mantled of his liveries whereon is set for a crest : out of a ducal coronet, a hawk proper, wings surgent, belled and jessed, holding in its dexter talons, a charge of the shield.
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  7. Ahead of them the road runs in a long entwined undulation of mud-patched tar and fjords of green, the grassy surfaces rutted and trampled, but the young shoots surgent in the sun, the road silent, somnolent yet with a speech of its own, speaking back to them father and child, through trappings of sun and leafy verdure speaking the old mutinies, the fresh crimes that run in the blood.
  8. A trio of wide receivers anchored the Louisiana-Lafayette receiving game . junior Jamal Robinson was by far Broadway's favorite target, leading the team with 50 receptions, 812 yards, and 8 touchdowns, senior Darryl Surgent was second on the team with 29 receptions, 398 yards, and 5 touchdowns, and junior James Butler was third on the team 26 receptions and 363 yards, however he had only one touchdown.

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