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  1. Tim Surgenor, president of Genzyme Tissue Repair, said today.
  2. Surgenor said Carticel could eventually bring the company between $ 100 million and $ 400 million in annual revenues.
  3. Dr . Douglas Surgenor, senior investigator there, said the trend had continued since then, though newer figures have not yet been published.
  4. "We're essentially providing a way of connecting his brain to the outside world, " said Tim Surgenor, chief executive officer of Cyberkinetics.
  5. The Harvard Pilgrim and Fallon HMOs have paid for many of the operations in Massachusetts, but the approval rate nationally is only 50 percent, Surgenor says.
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  7. Blue Cross-Blue Shield has been slow to approve it, Surgenor said, while Harvard Pilgrim was the first insurer in the nation to consent to pay.
  8. But Robert Surgenor, a detective in Berea, Ohio, who wrote a recent book on corporal punishment, said " pain is probably the most effective form of discipline ."
  9. "A computer is a gateway to everything else these patients would like to do, including motivating your own muscles through electrical stimulation, " said Cyberkinetics chief executive Tim Surgenor.
  10. In investigating more than 150 cases of children assaulting their parents over 14 years, Surgenor said, fewer than 2 percent had been subjected to corporal punishment _ a much smaller proportion than the community overall . ( MORE ) nn
  11. But Timothy Surgenor, president of rival Genzyme Tissue Repair, says the graft technique is limited to even smaller areas of damage than transplants, leaves behind holes with each graft, and could create problems by shifting bone along with cartilage.
  12. "This is not a treatment for people who already know they need a knee replacement, " said Surgenor, whose company has yet to earn a profit, although its stock has risen 35 percent since the first US transplant operation.
  13. "The major impact of this is that it clarifies for insurance companies that they've got to pay for this procedure, " said Tim Surgenor, president of Genzyme Tissue Repair, the Genzyme division that developed the cartilage procedure.
  14. Especially impressive is that 75 percent of patients who have had the transplant surgery had tried other procedures first, without success, and 45 percent had three or more prior operations, said Timothy Surgenor, president of Genzyme Tissue Repair, the division that runs the cell replication process.
  15. In the late 1980s, when Surgenor started BioSurface Technologies in Cambridge, three other firms also formed to create therapies that could substitute for living human skin : Organogenesis Inc . in Canton, Advanced Tissue Sciences Inc . in California, and Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corp . in New Jersey.
  16. In the 2015 16 season they performed reasonably well in their first season back in the Premiership for three years getting good wins against the likes of Linfield and secured their survival in the NIFL Premiership on the last day of the season after two late goals from Mark Surgenor and Miguel Chines.
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