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  1. In Big Five studies, extraversion has been associated with surgency.
  2. Thurstone and Thurstone identified surgency by the word " fluency ".
  3. Extraversion has also been linked to physiological factors such as respiration, through its association with surgency.
  4. Even though nowadays surgency is referred to as a self-reported construct, it was also associated to an ability.
  5. High surgency in children is often identified by parental self-report and has been associated with lower levels of effortful control.
  6. It's difficult to find surgency in a sentence.
  7. Cattell found that of all of the objective tests developed for assessing temperament, the fluency tests were the most valid for testing surgency.
  8. To take revenge, he enrolled himself for house surgency in the same hospital, and poisoned the minds of all the 5 scoundrels.
  9. For example, they found that emotion-coaching parenting was related to distraction coping strategies for children with lower negative affect and higher surgency.
  10. Furthermore, participants scored higher on aggression during frown trials than during smile trials, and scored higher on elation, surgency, and social affection factors during smile trials than during frown ones.
  11. Additionally, they argue that the external criterion variables generally mark most directly tapped by the Self-Monitoring Scale rather than being tapped by the measures of Extraversion, Social Surgency, or Other-Directedness, meaning that Self-Monitoring can better describe the factors that contribute to a persons personality than the combination of these.

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