surged in a sentence

"surged" in Chinese  
  1. Macy bonds surged on news of the impending takeover by Federated.
  2. Until this year, Mexico was surging on international financial markets.
  3. The beat and the streak goes on for the surging Yankees.
  4. Nationwide, the surge in eagle numbers has been equally dramatic.
  5. Trading in options to buy Lockheed's stock surged sharply.
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  7. It cost a surging Oilers offense precious time off the clock.
  8. Investors surged to the company, and its stock price multiplied.
  9. Intuit, however, surged 17 [, to 67 ].
  10. The quarterly results added to Sprint's recent financial surge.
  11. But a late surge by the Congress Party narrowed the gap.
  12. Increased immigration is largely responsible for the surge in school population.
  13. The surge in Coke sales here has other implications as well.
  14. The US bond market surged as investors sought a safe haven.
  15. This is the beginning of a big surge forward in Ukraine,
  16. The'94 surge featured big players and small players alike.
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