surged up in a sentence

"surged up" in Chinese  
  1. Huge explosions sent plumes of smoke surging up from Taliban positions.
  2. Coogan said of Nyakeraka's surge up Hayes Street.
  3. And that allows the line to get a real surge up the middle.
  4. The hippopotamus surged up out of the water, its jaws wide open.
  5. Women surged up to the walkway, eager to get a good seat.
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  7. Sales are expected to surge up to 45 percent . ( apdj / jc)
  8. Tidal surges up to 12 feet ( four meters ) above normal were expected.
  9. The country's relapse rate for addicts has surged up to 90 percent.
  10. At that moment, the Hobbers arrive, surging up the hill towards them.
  11. Kenny carded a 68 Friday, while Joyner surged up the leaderboard with a 67.
  12. Shunning guerrilla tactics, the hill tribesmen surged up the hill in a frontal assault.
  13. A surge up the middle by the Irish allowed Taylor to block Hamilton's kick.
  14. The Devils arrived in Vancouver in the midst of a strong surge up the Eastern Conference standing.
  15. Now it surged up again and I hungered for books, new ways of looking and seeing.
  16. A century ago, hundreds of thousands of Atlantic salmon surged up Maine rivers each year to spawn.
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