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  1. This species is found at depths from, with the adults preferring the surge zone on coral reefs or along rocky coastlines.
  2. "Although I've got a few schools that could be opened as shelters they are in a Category 3 storm surge zone,"
  3. But Sallade believes that alternative may be better than staying in a storm surge zone, noting that historically nine of 10 hurricane deaths are due to drowning.
  4. The Red Cross, which operates most of the facilities, is enforcing guidelines against opening shelters in Category 4 and Category 5 storm surge zones even if lesser hurricanes are forecast.
  5. ""'Brotulinella taiwanensis " "', the "'Taiwan coral-brotula "', is a species of viviparous brotula, the only known member of its genus, found mostly in the surge zone of the waters around Taiwan and the Philippines where it lives amongst rocks.
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