surf in a sentence

"surf" meaning  "surf" in Chinese  
  1. Surfing only requires two things : a surfboard and some surf.
  2. Stars & Stripes surfs unlike any of the others.
  3. "We're involved with the Hollywood surf scene.
  4. Too often, people of all ages just channel-surf.
  5. "The surf's been better here than there.
  6. It's difficult to find surf in a sentence.
  7. She surfs the Internet and augments virtual voyages with real trips.
  8. I want to surf the Internet without worrying about hourly fees.
  9. But their message is : Go indoors and surf the Internet.
  10. Rod and reel : Standard surf tackle is best for both.
  11. Translation : Wham _ a kisser full of sand and surf.
  12. Until then, surf the best Academy Awards sites with me.
  13. A surfeit of surf booms, boils, foams and drools.
  14. The surf belongs at the beach, not in my patio.
  15. Bollhorn likes to surf the Internet for news about mining companies.
  16. Wiring Congress to surf the Net has posed enormous logistical challenges.
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