such in a sentence

"such" meaning  "such" in Chinese  
  1. It was acknowledged as such by his most senior aide Friday.
  2. At Marshall House, administrators said they had no such qualms.
  3. Leagues such as his ensure fields are utilized, he argued.
  4. Such fliers are being faxed around the world by amused astronomers.
  5. But it has not been all such rough going for Fini.
  6. It's difficult to find such in a sentence.
  7. But hard-line nationalists in Parliament show no such inclination.
  8. The price tag for such items will depend on their quality.
  9. But the organization says it is not advocating such an increase.
  10. Such change is difficult to achieve with psychotherapy, he said.
  11. But such individual rights, by definition, end with death.
  12. Precedents for such an overhaul are rare, but they exist.
  13. Such territorial disputes can never be settled so simply in beds.
  14. It didn't promise to be such a big deal.
  15. There are other such software programs listed in various golf publications.
  16. Banning such exclusions is a goal of many bills in Congress.
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